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What is Hypatia?

Hypatia – Women in Engineering is a network for young female engineers; students as well as alumni. Hypatia is working towards strengthening its member’s personal network, both socially and professionally, through different activities like inspiring talks, dinners and interesting visits to companies.

As a female engineer one will most likely experience to be surrounded by men both during university and later professionally. Hypatia attempts to give female engineers the opportunity to meet other women and in this way contribute to discussions and interactions that one as a female engineer often miss in everyday life.

The majority of Hypatia’s members are students or newly graduated female engineers; therefore most of Hypatia’s events especially focus on student’s interests. Hypatia is a dynamic network that is formed and modeled by all its members. Students run the network and membership is free. Apply for a membership here.

Hypatia’s History

Hypatia was established in the spring of 2008 by Signe Schløer, Tanja Hartmann, Jaide VK Jensen, Louise Eriksen, Maja Skovbjerg Knudsen and Isa Kristina Kirk, inspired by an event about female networks held by the consultant company Accenture. Accenture supported Hypatia economically, and close collaboration with engineers Hanne Fløe Andersen and Pernille Krogh-Meyer supported Hypatia during the start-up phase and the years to come in several areas. The network was initially meant to work as a hub/gathering center for DTU’s women and has since changed focus to offer tools that helps each member to build its desired career. During Hypatia’s first years, it was mainly Elisabeth Haarsted Graversen, Helene Juhl, Dorthe Finne, Silja Storm Engelstoft, and Laura Frolich that shaped Hypatia and brought the network to where it is today.