Meet Hypatia’s former board member: Natalia

We asked a few questions to Natalia, a former Hypatia board member, find her answers below and see what she retains from her time in the board.
– What is your current position?
“I am one year in my PhD studies at DTU Bioengineering, and I will soon be moving to Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen (RICC) to continue on a new project!”
– Please tell us about your experience with Hypatia.
“My main role was this of the Social Media Coordinator. I was also responsible for the membership list and one of the co-administrators of Hypatia’s webpage. Like all the other board members at that time, I was actively involved into Hypatia’s events organization and promotion.”
– Why should one join Hypatia?
“As a member, you will be invited to events that have been organized in a very considerate way, from people like you for you! This means that the events are designed to cover a variety of interests and scientific fields, while ensuring a good and relaxed atmosphere to accommodate the different profiles of the participants.
As a board member, you get to work with highly motivated people, expand your network, put your skills into good use, and gain new ones! It’s a very challenging and rewarding experience 🙂 “