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Speed Mentoring 2018

On Thursday the 12th of April 2018, Hypatia once again held its annual Speed Mentoring event, where 10 high-profiled women from different companies were welcomed as mentors for an evening. During the evening participants got the opportunity to have around three 15-minute conversations with their pre-selected mentors.

The participants came prepared with questions and conversations mostly evolved around career opportunities and work-life balance as a female professional in the engineering field. The evening was started by welcoming everyone to the event, introducing Hypatia and explaining how the event would proceed. Then, participants, mentors and Hypatia board members got to know each other in a quick ice breaking game. The speed mentoring was then kickstarted – and Hypatia’s members were able to get answers to their questions and be inspired by the experiences the mentors had to share.

While some of Hypatia’s members got professional advice from the mentors, there was an opportunity to network among Hypatia’s members who were waiting for their turn. Half way through the event everyone got to enjoy delicious tapas for dinner while networking was still continued.

Once again, the event was a big success, and we look forward to hosting it again in the coming year, where we hope to get as much interest from our members as this year and just as many mentors to join us in their free time. A big thank you is given to Tuborgfondet for sponsoring the event.

You can get an impression of the event by taking a look at the photos here.

If you are interested in being involved in next year’s Speed Mentoring, either as sponsor, mentor or participant, please contact us at