Visit at Siemens with focus on teamwork and personalities

[ 14. June 2011; 17:00; ] Twenty Hypatia members visited Siemens in Ballerup in June 2011. We were met by Andreea Balasiu, an educated engineer that works as a sales manager with responsibility for Smart Grid. She spoke about exciting stories from her career with Siemens.

Lise-Emilie Fritzbøger from Siemens Communications had a presentation and talked about how Siemens consciously seek female

Hypatia i DTU Avisen

Hypatia er repræsenteret i juni-udgaven af DTU Avisen, hvor 3 bestyrelsesmedlemmer har stillet op til interview. Artiklen handler om baggrunden for netværket og dets aktiviteter samt fordelene ved at være medlem.
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Hypatia Visits Rambøll

[ 1. March 2011; 17:00; ] Thirty Hypatia members visited the engineering company Rambøll in March 2011. We got presented to two female engineers, Neel Strøbæk and Maja Wadum from the environment department, and bridge maintenance and materials technology, respectively.

The two engineers spoke of their work at Rambøll and their career climbing. There were ample opportunities to ask all the questions

Annual General Meeting 2011

[ 9. February 2011; 17:00; ] Hypatia’s annual general meeting was held the 9th of February 2011. All who were interested in knowing more about Hypatia, got the opportunity to participate and get know more about Hypatia and its activities. There was an opportunity to run for the board or be re-elected as a board member.

Jaide Jensen (Design and innovation) was

A course in personal impact with Accenture

[ 14. October 2010; 17:00; ] Hypatia was invited to the workshop “personal impact” a Thursday afternoon in October 2010 at Accenture’s offices in Ørestaden. The participants from Hypatia were taught different ways to communicate and how to achieve their goal through targeted communication. The theory was later tested in practice by performing small plays in groups.

At the end of

Hypatia on a military obstacle course

[ 30. May 2010; 11:00; ] A Sunday morning in Fredriksberg, 17 Hypatia members met up refreshed and restored for a military obstacle course and to be allowed to show of their muscles. We had our very own army man to show us how we could run over walls and use our energy in the best possible way – no matter

Music, Dinner and M

[ 11. March 2010; 17:00; ] Mærsk in collaboration with Global Management Challenge and Hypatia, invited Hypatia members to dinner, music and networking the 11th of March. A total 30 members showed up to the exciting evening that offered ”speed-networking” with six female employees at Mærsk. They shared their experiences as employees at Mærsk and gave tips on how to apply

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