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In the media

DTU avisen –  October 2015

Equal Opportunities 2 – Hypatia was founded in 2008 as a network for young female engineers—from students to alumni. 

“[…] The ‘Hypatia—Women in Engineering’ network is a forum where women can discuss the challenges this situation can present, and meet women from the business community who have found ways to tackle them.
Membership of Hypatia currently comprises around 600 DTU students and newly qualified graduate engineers. The purpose of getting together is not only to share experience and enjoy each other’s company, but also to forge links between current students and female engineers in employment. […]”

Article here (in Danish) and English version here

DTU avisen –  06/06/2011

The small difference and the greater community

A group of volunteer students is behind Hypatia, a network for female engineers and students at DTU. The keywords are personal development, networking and good company. We met three of the board members.  page 24

DTU avisen –  02/02/2009

Only for women

Hypatia is a new network for female engineers and students at DTU. The organization started holding an annual general meeting in February. page 12

Ingeniøren – 01/11/2008

DTU students founds a network only for females

The newly founded network Hypatia will give female students at DTU a forum, where they can make contacts that can be beneficial both for their studies and future careers.